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One-decade Endeavors for Hyway Dream

How time flies! The one decade, though seeming like a blink in the long history, has presented its profoundness and magnificence. Through one-decade ups and downs, we are persistent and take advantage of every opportunity for better development. February 19, 2019 witnessed the grand opening of Tenth Anniversary Celebration & 2018 Annual Working Conference of the Group Company in Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Convention Centre.

Participants consist of Chairman Liu Daiwen, President Hu Jiaming, Vice-president Si Xubin, Wei Ruihai, Bai Xiaokun & Zheng Changgen, and Chief Engineer Zeng Biao. Management personnel above department deputy position from various overseas branches who were on holiday in China and all staff from office areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Zhenjiang and Suzhou were present as well. Special invitations were offered to 17 representatives of foreign employees families and teachers & students from Jimei University-China Hyway International Program. Over 100 colleagues from China Hyway and guests were present at the event to celebrate for China Hyway and share the moments delight and brilliance.


Colored flags waving, the site was full of laugher and liveliness and such theme Stay true to the mission and forge ahead can be spotted here and there. It was so festive! At 8:00 A.M., attendees that successively arrived entered the assembly room after signing on the wall.



2018 Annual Working Conference officially kicked off at 9:00 A.M., presided over by President Hu Jiaming. In the first place, Board of Directors and members from leading group of the group company respectively declared the Third Five-Year plan and other important documents at the conference. Then, persons in charge of domestic and foreign branches, directors from different functional departments and leaders, of the group company, delivered their speeches. They summarized 2018 work they have finished and presented to the group company their determination, methods and measures adopted to fulfill objectives set in the Third Five-Year plan.











Wei Ruihai, person in charge of African area, signed the objective responsibility


Li Jun, person in charge of Middle East area, signed the objective responsibility


Lu Changping, person in charge of Central and Eastern Europe area, signed the objective responsibility


Wang Jing, person in charge of Southeast Asia area, signed the objective responsibility


Wang Moguang, person in charge of the Engineering Department of the group company, signed the objective responsibility


Lyu Yajie, person in charge of the Trade and Security Department of the group company, signed the objective responsibility


Afterwards, group leaders announced reward list of Angola Project and list of winners of Drucker Outstanding Leadership Award, Outstanding Management Award, Award for the Best Employees and Award for 10-Year Service. Liu Daiwen, Chairman of the group company, signed the objective responsibility respectively with the persons in charge of African area, Middle East area, Central and Eastern Europe area, Southeast Asia area, Engineering Department of the group and Trade and Security Department of the group and wishes each person in charge beat the target.



Hu Jiaming, President of Group Company, made 2018 Work Report. The report revolved around the Third Five-Year plan to analyze situation of the company and international market status and pointed out that to fulfill the Third Five-Year plan, the company shall take measures systematically and attach equal importance to operation and management so that it can develop in a steady and fast manner. The report also emphasized focal point of operation and management and made corresponding arrangement.

Chairman Liu Daiwen delivered an important speech, which started with recollection of development courses, experiences and lessons of the group company in the past ten years and ended with thanks for contributions of all the staff. Furthermore, Chairman affirmed the documents and decisions declared at the conference and 2018 work reports and requested all staff to abide by such documents and decisions. The Chairman hopes that all staff stay true to their mission to forge ahead and make concerted efforts to development of the group company through sincere and win-win cooperation and wishes objectives set in Third Five-Year plan of the group company be fulfilled above quota.



At the beginning of a new year, the 10th anniversary celebration was unfolded amid the drums and graceful dances. Colleagues both at home and abroad sent greeting messages to Hyway Group, arousing ardor of each one present.  



The opening ceremony officially started at 4:30 P.M. Chairman Liu Daiwen, President Hu Jiaming, Vice-president Si Xubin, Wei Ruihai, Bai Xiaokun & Zheng Changgen, and Chief Engineer Zeng Biao, took the stage to announce start of opening ceremony.




As the path of starting a business is full of hardships, it is the common efforts of Hyway people that shape the group company, among whom some have shared both turmoil and steadiness the group company has experienced for the past ten years; some are dedicate and aggressive Hyway administers that take their work as missions and pursue excellence; some are Hyway builders that stand with Hyway from beginning... So they deserve thanks and commendation at the beginning of the ceremony:  



Award for 10-Year Service: Totally 71 employees have served the company for 10 years; Chairman Liu Daiwen stated that they are the treasure, foundation as well as 10-year epitome of the group company, and hopes they stay true to their missions and forge ahead jointly with Hyway. Award winner representative, Zhang Yan acting as Director of General Office of the group company, gave an acceptance speech.



Drucker Outstanding Leadership Award: Award winner representative, Wei Ruihai acting as Vice-president of the group company, gave an acceptance speech. He said that the leading group has taken no pains to brave a trail for the group company; full of pride and honor here, the leading group will continue to lead all staff forward in future.  





Outstanding Management Award & Award for the Best Employees: President Hu Jiaming and Vice-president Si Xubin distributed certificate of honor for award winner representatives and expect they may make persistent efforts, stay true to their missions and make new achievements. Award winner representatives, Wang Moguang acting as Deputy Chief Engineer & General Manager of Engineering Department of the Group Company and Lian Kai acting as the Deputy General Manager (executive) of Changchun Hongjian Design Co., Ltd., respectively gave an acceptance speech.




Memorial Award of the 10th Anniversary Celebration: Vice-president Wei Ruihai distributed Memorial Award of the 10th Anniversary Celebration to employees representatives to show appreciation for their labor and company in the past ten years and expresses expectation that all staff keep in step with the group for greater achievement.   



After the commendation, Chairman Liu Daiwen made an address. He thanked all employees who have worked hard and family members supporting them as well as friends from all walks of life who constantly cared and supported development of Hyway Group. After the address, the Chairman proposed a toast to all participants and to future of Hyway.




Then dinner party started. More than 20 programs were performed, including thrilling aerobatic demonstration, hip-hop dance with modern style, traditional folk arts with strong ethnic characteristics, cross-gender performance, magic, crosstalk, popular song and Bel Canto song. The programs were so splendid that the party became a sea of happiness.












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Representatives of overseas students from JiMei University-China Hyway International Program performed a brilliant Latino dance and sang a Chinese song Friend, making the party reach a climax.





Lu Qile, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of JMU Overseas Education College, brought a congratulatory message written by Yang Guangmin, Professor and Master Supervisor of JMU Art Education College and Director of JMU Arts Institute to congratulate on the 10th anniversary celebration of Hyway Group.  









Interactive game and lucky draw in between programs made the site a blaze of excitement and laugher.







Chairman Liu Daiwen, President Hu Jiaming, Vice-president Si Xubin, Wei Ruihai, Bai Xiaokun & Zheng Changgen, and Chief Engineer Zeng Biao sang songs at the dinner party, pushing the party to a new high.

Looking back on the past ten years, we have harvested lots of experiences; overlooking the future, we are hopeful. The 10th anniversary celebration is a milestone as well as a new starting point in the group companys development. Let us learn from the entrepreneurial process, make progress together and create a brighter future!