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Salute to Youth in the Season of Graduation

On the morning of June 26, 2019, the graduation ceremony of the first Jimei University C China Hyway International Class was held in conference room 103, Shang Building, Jimei University. Jo?o Santos Netu, Angolas Ambassador to China, Antonio, Deputy Consul of Angolas Consulate General in Guangzhou, Li Qingbiao, President of Jimei University, Cao Minjie, Vice President, leaders and teachers of School office, student affairs office, international cooperation and exchange office, academic affairs office, admission office, school of finance and economics, school of overseas education, Liu Daiwen, Chairman of China Hyway Group Limited, Hu Jiaming, President, Xu Bin and Wei Ruihai, Vice Presidents, and thirty two Angolan students and their parents witnessed the farewell ceremony called Growing up.






On behalf of Jimei University, Li Qingbiao delivered a speech, congratulated 32 Angolan graduates, expressed thanks to the teachers and relatives who diligently cultivated and cared for the guidance of students growth and progress, and expressed thanks to the leaders of relevant departments who cared and supported the Jimei University-China Hyway International Class. He said that the graduation ceremony didn't only mark the successful completion of the first African talent training program of Jimei University-China Hyway International Class, but it was also a practical result in response to One Belt and One Road blue print from Freehand Brushwork to Elaborate-style Painting, but it also showed the patriotic feeling of Chinese Universities and private enterprises to implement the One Belt and One Road initiative with educational action. He hoped the graduates can put what they learned into practice and realize their value in serving their countries and societies, can serve as ambassadors of civilizations and work actively to build a community of shared future between China and Africa, kept the motto of Sincerity and Perseverance in your mind, and carried forward the Jiageng Spirit and became outstanding alumnus of Jimei University.


Liu Daiwen, Chairman of Hyway Group, made a speech. On behalf of all employees of China Hyway Group Limited, he expressed congratulations to all graduates for the successful completion of their studies, expressed his gratitude to the teachers and parents who had worked hard to nurture and guide students' growth and progress, expressed thanks to the leaders of Jimei University that is a friendly strategic partner of Hyway Group, and expressed his heartfelt thanks and high respect to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Chinese embassies and consulates in China, Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in Angola and relevant departments at all levels who have long supported and cared about the Jimei University-China Hyway International Class. Liu Daiwen, Chairman of Hyway Group, said that Jimei University-China Hyway International Class set the first example of Going out private enterprises and domestic University jointly running schools, and made contribution to the economic, trade and cultural exchanges between China and Africa. China Hyway Group Limited would always uphold the belief of Where the project is built, there would be a monument of friendship, and insisted on marking contributions to the friendship and exchanges between China and Africa. He hoped that Angolan graduates can bring back to Angola the learning achievements they have made in China and Jimei University in the past five years, so that they can put what they learned into practice and had courage enough to open up the new horizons, and wrote a new chapter for the friendship between China and Angola.


In the speech, Jo?o Santos Netu, Angolas ambassador to China, he expressed appreciation for the exploration and contribution of "Jimei University - China Hyway International Class" for "One Belt And One Road" international talent cultivation. Also, he hoped that thirty two Angolan graduates would make full use of the knowledge, experience and spirit they had learned in China to serve the country's construction and development and become patriotic, dedicated, enthusiastic and patient citizens.


Dai Pingping, a teacher representative of Jimei University, recalled the five years of study together with the graduates with deep feeling. She affirmed the efforts of the graduates in study and practice, and hoped that everyone could bear in mind the motto of "Sincerity and Perseverance", keep learning habits, raise the sail of life and create a brilliant life.



Anthony and Qiao Kun as Graduate representatives made speeches in Chinese and Portuguese respectively. In their speech, they reviewed their study and life in the beautiful campus of Jimei University, thanked Jimei University and China Hyway Group Limited for their hard training, and thanked their parents and teachers for their care and guidance, and said they would take the responsibility for the development of Angola with the knowledge and strength gained in the University.


Jlio Bango Joaquim, the parent representative of the graduates, spoke for the childrens successful completion of their studies and paid respect to the contribution of China Hyway Group Limited to the infrastructure and education development of Angola. He expressed his gratitude to the leaders and teachers of Jimei University for their education, guidance and help to thirty two students from Angola in the past five years.



Finally, Li Qingbiao, President of Jimei University, presented thirty two graduates of Jimei University with Graduation Certificates and Bachelors Degree certificates, and Liu Daiwen, Chairman of Hyway Group, presented the graduates with a customized graduation souvenir C Hyway International Class Commemorative Coins. It also held the founding ceremony of Angola Alumni Association in the ceremony, and Li Qingbiao handed over the board to Qiao Kun, the President of Angola Alumni Association.










The graduation ceremony ended with the singing of Song of Jimei University

Gently waved his hand, bid farewell to yesterday's ignorant;

Quietly back to review, still see the struggle ever before.

With the ideal wings, raise the sail of youth!

Today, the students who are about to leave the university quietly recall the past five years, with infinite love and the appearance of growth, and bid farewell to Jimei University.

Today, the graduates who are soon leaving have handed in their college papers. Here, they embark on a new journey of struggle, let the University time become the mark of youth struggle.

Show your most brilliant smile 

Freeze the most beautiful memories 

We are in China!

We are in Jimei University!

We graduated!